Data Science for Progressive Change

What do Fortune 500 corporations, SuperPACs, lobbyists, hyper-partisan 'think tanks,' bureaucracies, and other well-financed special interests have in common? They all have access to cutting-edge Data Science technologies to spot threats and analyze opportunities…and you don't.

Data Science comprises processes and systems to extract knowledge or insights from large volumes of data, utilizing data preparation, statistics, modeling, data visualization, machine learning, and other digital tools to investigate problems in various domains. It differs from traditional statistics by its emphasis on domain-specific knowledge and solutions.

insightus is leveling the playing field, by bringing outside-the-box Data Science to caring communities and progressive change activists, so that they can meet and beat special interests and ne'er-do-wells on their own turf in the 21st Century. We are a 100% non-profit organization: a band of brothers and sisters with crazy skills in Data Science, rolling up our sleeves to help out — to help make all our kids' world a better place tomorrow. We're taking a byte out of crime, and injustice, and incivility, and wanton greed.

But we're not just number-crunchers. We communicate our findings widely, compellingly, and in non-technical terms, then seek out and work with partner organizations who, backed by our data, will press for appropriate solutions.

We call all of this data-driven activism.

The Truth is In There
(if you ask the right questions)

  • Election vote tabulations
  • FEC filings
  • Voter registration records
  • Legislative history of bills (sponsors, etc.)
  • Form 990s
  • FOIA and Public Records Requests
  • Federal, State, and local budgets/contracts
  • Police blotters
  • Agency reports and data sets
  • Court records
  • Department directories
  • Stock prices, volumes, short interest, etc.
  • Commodities trading data
  • SEC filings (8-K, 10-K, DEF 14A, etc.)
  • Product recalls
  • Clinical trials registries
  • Press release archives
  • Civil suit court records
  • Trade journal archives
  • Advertising placements
  • Online catalogs
  • Internet archives
  • Incorporation and licensing records
  • Satellite imagery
  • Deed and property tax records
  • Domain registry databases
  • Scientific literature
  • Patent and trademark databases
  • Census data
  • American Community Survey data
  • Opinion polling reports
  • Voter registration records
  • FEC individual donor records
  • Property records
  • Social media profiles and posts
  • News archives
  • Alumni organizations
  • Drivers license records
  • Professional licensing records
  • Court records
  • Criminal records
  • Credit bureau databases
  • FOIA and Public Records Requests
  • Domain registry databases
  • Social Security Death Master File
  • 'People search' web sites
  • Internet archives
  • Consumer profiling databases
  • Road, topographic, and specialty maps
  • GPS data
  • Satellite telemetry and imagery data
  • Climate, weather, and hydrology records
  • Scientific literature
  • Public web cam feeds
  • Government reports and databases
  • Fish and game records
  • Property records
  • Leaseholder records

Today, rich and deep datasets are so diverse and widely available that the true limiting factor in data-driven activism is ofen the questioner's imagination.