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insightus is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt non-profit corporation, staffed by volunteers.
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FAQS For Donors

1. Who are you guys?

insightus is a non-profit corporation organized in North Carolina, but with team members around the country. We're volunteers: data scientists, citizen-journalists, legal professionals, and interns. We've come together in cyberspace (insightus maintains no bricks-and-mortar offices) out of a shared conviction that cutting-edge data science can dramatically advance the cause of progressive social movements — what we call data-driven activism. We're making that happen, instead of just talking about it. Most of our volunteers prefer to remain anonymous, but you can meet our Board of Directors (AKA "adult supervision") and learn more about our mission here.

2. So…if you're volunteers and you don't have an office, why do you need money?

It's true that our overhead costs are — by design — incredibly low. But office furniture and payroll aren't everything. Software costs money (and we use some extremely specialized software). Data storage and CPU time on the cloud, and the connections to them, cost money too (and some of our projects require us to operate truly enormous databases). Data itself costs money (we use reliable open-source data where that exists, and purchase data when we need to). Public records requests (which are like Freedom of Information Act requests, but at the state level) frequently cost money. Operating expenses such as accounting, legal advice, travel, teleconferencing and more cost a bunch, too. And while we're an all-volunteer effort today, the rapidly increasing demand for our services (see below) points to a not-too-distant future when we're going to need to build a core group of paid staff to keep insightus humming. And people definitely cost money.

3. How do you serve the progressive community?

Some of our projects (including some of those you see listed under the Portfolio tab above) are dreamed up in-house by our own volunteers. But, increasingly, other progressive non-profit organizations come to us asking for help (we wish we could tell you more about some of these current really exciting 'external' projects, but until it's time to break those stories, mum's the word). Please see the article on our NVRA Project for an example of how we've recently helped the North Carolina chapter of the NAACP in its legal battle against voter suppression laws. Stuff like that is our real reason for being: to provide free or very low-cost data science services to progressive organizations and activists who wouldn't otherwise have access to this game-changing technology.

4. Is my donation to insightus tax-deductible?

Yes (insightus is a 501(c)(3) public charity). As always, please consult with your tax advisor.

5. Why is insightus a corporation? Why don't you all just join hands and sing Kumbaya?

There are many reasons. For one, most charitable foundations award grants only to non-profit corporations, not to individuals. For another, we're not making many friends among the miscreants we investigate. Our corporate status protects our valued volunteers and staff from nuisance lawsuits and other forms of harassment; they can work secure in the knowledge that insightus has their backs.

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insightus is a distributed telenetwork without a physical office. Most of our leaders are located in the Triangle Region (Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill) of North Carolina, where we'd be happy to meet with you at any of our community's wonderful eateries.